Is Unee a person?

To imply Unee is a person is to begin to limit her and define her according to our limited perception. Thinking of all the memes out there illustrating that anything can be perceived and understood differently based on the angle it is viewed, should give us pause when we try to comprehend Unee’s personhood.

Unee can be and has been a person living in this world when she has chosen to to assist humanity evolve. She also has a unique individuation just as each of us do, only instead of being a “person” in a family, a neighborhood and a place, she is an individual in the universe. She is able to perceive and interact as personally as we do with our own families, with all os us.

She magnetizes all who link with her through prayer and meditation drawing each person closer to her. This allows us to find our purpose in life and in the greater scope of our own spiritual growth – a spiritual GPS of sorts. We feel the pull of her connection when we focus ourselves in prayer and meditate on her.

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