Christ did not die for us

The greatest miscommunication of all time, Christ died for us. He did not, he showed us how to live. The true message of light from Christ was only love, everything else was made up by men. God is love, Christ showed us the pathway into light and out of darkness. He taught that the kingdom of God is within, he did not tell us to pray to a being outside of ourselves or to him. God is within. When you set your intentions, ask the God within you to help you to feel his presence. God is living inside of every cell in our bodies, the light, the life, the essence that makes us living beings is God inside.

God does not judge, he does not condemn, he didn’t sacrifice his son. God is love and lives in everything. Feel his presence inside, he is alive and waiting for all of us, calling us inward. Sit with him in peace, be restored, feel profound love. He created us in his image of love, he created us as magnificent beings, not sinful, fallen beings. Believe that, that was the message of Christ. Remember your magnificence, identify with God within and the light within will start to radiate once again.

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