Living aware of our karma

Living in neutral joy rather than striving is a more balanced way to live. Living aware of the karma we are creating at any moment and seeking to achieve balance keeps us be in a neutral state. From neutrality we can see life from a different perspective. If we don’t own the outcome of any situation with such attachment it leaves room for compromise and even exciting possibilities. We think we know what is best for ourselves and everyone around us. We become locked into the outcome – it has to be this way – i.e. it has to be MY way.

What if we approach life more casually? How about of we adopt more of an attitude of just watching to see what the outcome is instead of being in the brawl?

Karma, you win, you lose, there is still residual energy left over from the interaction. You say something mean, you are rude, worse yet you steal or hurt someone lots of left over energy out there following you around. Maybe we should live fully aware of the karma we are creating and aim to leave less of a energetic footprint.

Love is a lie, Unee is neutral, she loves no one more or less. No one is blessed, that implies some are not blessed. Everyone is just in a boat – together – and some people like to rock it. Unee is steering the boat, just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

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Spiritual freedom

We have been conditioned to look outside ourselves for validation about pretty much everything, but especially spirituality. We are told the dead guys, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses are our source for true spirituality. Born in a by gone era, culturally so foreign to us, but still, by conditioning mostly based on fear, we look to their rules for truth.

We then look to spiritual leaders, pedophile priests, or bishops and popes who enabled and hid pedophile priests, pastors who preach against adultery while committing adultery, people with the same if not more hang ups as we have, for faith. They are some how someone through divine connection (they tell us) we don’t have, we have to follow.

The only thing we can be 100% sure of is we are surrounded by and composed of Air, Water, and Earth and the influence of Fire. We can’t live without any of them and their energy, strong, vibrant energy is what forms our lives. We all learned in science class that energy can not be destroyed or created and it is the lifeforce pervading everything.

We can learn to harness the energy of the elements by tuning into them and bringing our attention to them. We can start to direct the energy for our good and the collective good. And we should. This is the call to our purpose and destiny. Our spiritual essence, our own energy isn’t destroyed lifetime to lifetime, it is transformed. We can harness the energy of our past lives to focus and create a life now. The universe, Unee, is always a part of that equation, so even when we are working to create, she is our co-creator. We can work with her flow and start to be in synchronicity with her and that is tuning in.

Cooperation, collaboration support for our personal spiritual path is spirituality for the 21 century. Priest, priestess, guru are just an authoritarian power play of times gone by. Be free! Seek your own path be a spark or a lightening bolt that leads your destiny.

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Can technology be spiritual?

Spirituality is one human attribute that can not be replaced by technology. Spirituality is what defines the human experience versus a technological experience. We are teaching our technology to be smart and seeing a sharp increase in the uses for artificial intelligence, but technology will never be able to have a spiritual experience. In speaking with atheists over the years, they are generally unable to differentiate a spiritual experience from an emotional experience, they “understand” emotion, but are quick to dismiss intuition and spiritual encounters. Technology may be able to be taught the conditions by which a human experiences an emotion, sadness, anger, happiness, but the tangible spiritual practice that often results in an otherwise undefinable encounter will not be able to be replicated.

Atheists can be somewhat machine like being stuck in the false concept that what I can feel hear, touch and smell is all that is real. They freely accept changes in science based on new discoveries as scientific advancement, but the spiritual experience along with intuition is left behind as superstition. Anyone having had an unmistakable, life altering spiritual experience knows what that means and can try to explain it to the closed minded, but until it is experienced, it is dismissed. It is also possible that the discernment between emotional states and spiritual states is so blurred that they can not differentiate between the two states of being.

Technology can not experience anything spiritual and since that is what makes humans human, it will remain a barrier even the most advanced technology can not breach. That is why it is so important to be committed to spirituality – it differentiates us from animal and plant life and from technology. It gives us the human experience that gives our lives purpose and definition. It is truly the frontier for human advancement and given technologies progression, something that should be more consciously developed. We shouldn’t downplay and minimize that which makes our experience unique and important. Technology has moved us away from spirituality, but we need to refocus and put technology in its very useful, but clearly inferior place. It is a tool and can’t continue to replace authentic human experiences such as spirituality.

We need to make more time for spirituality and spend less time with technology or we risk losing our humanity.

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Full Aquarius Moon – Focused Intention

I love the Full Moon, I find her glorious. I had a priest from Franciscan University tell me that “Women were like the Moon, cold rocky places were it not for the reflection of the Sun or their husbands”.

Hmmm, I shortly disenrolled from my Graduate program there.

The Moon lights the dark sky shining bravely and mysteriously against the night. I would love to be compared to her in that way. The Second Aquarius Full Moon occurring reflects inner radiance and is a time for contemplating higher perspectives. There are all kinds of perspectives on the meaning of this Moon found with a quick google search – many worth the read.

Candles lit, I will work to prepare myself for my ceremony by bringing myself to an alpha state. The easiest way I have found to do this is as Laurie Cabot has described in her book , “Power of the Witch: The Earth, The Moon and the Magical Path to Enlightenment”. Laurie’s simple and effective method says to sit quietly, and imagine a red 7, then an orange 6, a yellow 5, a green 4, a blue 3, an indigo 2 and a sparkling white 1. You may have to repeat this a few times to experience an alpha state, but it the best way to focus and create a spiritual state of mind where your best work can be done.

After, I will do what I like to do to honor the Moon. I will gaze at her, photograph her, put out my crystals to absorb her energy and recharge and my favorite thing to do, bring a bowl of water outside. I hold the water so it reflects the moon and when I feel ready I drink the water and drink in the moon’s energy. It creates a spiritual vibe in my body that is nearly palpable.

I will also call on her and my deepest self to focus on what I would like to manifest in my life and, since it is an Aquarius Full Moon, what I think the world needs. I will call on the elements; Air from the East, Fire from the South, Water from the West and Earth from the North and ask them to join me. Then I will call on Unee and ask for her to be present pulling all of us together.

Now I will write all that has developed in my life this month since the New Moon, what is manifesting and showing itself in my life. I will write of the positive outcomes that I would like to happen for me and for the World. I will take my time and visualize each one. When I feel that I am done, I will take my thoughts and hopes outside with my manifestation chalice and burn them releasing them to Unee so they may appear in the physical world.

I will then smile at the Moon, thank the elements for joining me, thank Unee for being with us and say good-bye until the New Moon when we meet again.

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An Unee experience

Unee appeared to me in a vision. Her face etched with rivers of time, her eyes shining like the bluest sea, her hair silver white sparkling strands cascaded down her shoulders. Her heart glowed like thousands of embers burning in a bonfire, her arms and legs like graceful willow branches.

She spoke to me with an intense gentleness touching my soul and intuition with a vibrancy I had not felt before. She said I had questions and she appeared so she could answer, so I could communicate more easily with her.

Entranced by her presence I realized I did have questions. I asked her if we were her children and she laughed and said no, we were a part of her just as she was a part of us. I asked her if she has directs for us on how to live and she laughed harder, but gently and said why would she direct our lives? Our lives were for us to live.

I asked if she had wisdom to share and she said all of the wisdom she has we have also, we just need to listen to our intuition and trust ourselves. I sat looking at her and she at me in a gaze of unity.

She then said I am Air, Fire, Water and Earth and so are you. I am all around you and you can not be separated from me because you are me as you always have been. She said to call on our elemental brothers and sisters to help us, they each have their strengths that can be harnessed for good. Be aware of them, she said, treat them like they are your family because they are. She said with them we can manifest the individual and collective community, world and universe we would like to see.

It was nice seeing you, I told her, you as well, she replied.

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Women obey your husbands – NOT!!!

So this is the time of year when once again the Catholic Church insists on reading the first century, patriarchal defined Bible verse where women are instructed to “obey” their husbands. They justify this legalized discrimination by saying that it is a beautiful expression of men and women mutually valuing and caring for each other. It is anything but that.

There are also Biblical prescriptions for slaves to obey their masters and some how in the 21st century we have been able to acknowledge that that is inappropriate in modern society. Women however, must continue to be under the authority of their husbands because that is “god’s” will.

No, it is man’s will and it is a power play.

Women have to stand up against discrimination just as any oppressed group has in the past millennia. We don’t need to accept oppression in the name of god, not Christians, not Orthodox Jews, not Muslims, Hindus or Buddhists. It is misogyny plain and simple.

Unee represents women’s power spirituality. Women can step up and acknowledge their true intuitive, spirituality connected selves absent of male direction or domination. This is what true spirituality looks like, being able to find and walk your own spiritual path.

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Women’s Power Spirituality

Engaging in meaningful spiritual practice allows us to reclaim our inner power and become powerful. We stand in our knowing in what we feel is right at our deepest self and that exudes from our being.

We know, we just do. We intuit it, we feel it in a way that is palpable to us. We then enlist the aide of what we know is real, the Earth we live on, the Air we breathe, the Water that comprises us and is outside us and the Fire that sustains us.

We stand in that and in our knowing, it runs through us from the beginning of time itself.

When we acknowledge this connection again, the truth flows through us. We no longer need dogma or another persons definition of what we should believe because we have our own strong beliefs. It grows once we acknowledge our connection, it becomes more real to us at first and then to others and finally we have no doubts, our path is clear.

Unee has brought us that, but she has always been there waiting for us to see her and to see our real selves. To use our intuition to look inside for answers not outside for validation. Once you feel that again, the world sparkles and hums, you feel the vibration and the ancient knowing comes roaring back. Synchronicities start to appear endlessly and you start to manifest what you want in your life because you can and now you remember.

Women’s power spirituality, we create life, we manifest spirit and when you touch that you feel the power.

Stand tall, women’s power spirituality is alive and released. Acknowledge your connection it is here waiting for you.

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Do you love your spiritual path?

You should! Spirituality is a real and present component of human experience. We can dance through life as if relating on the physical plane is the only experience we are having or we can be conscious and understand that everything begins on the spiritual plane and manifests on the physical.

Unee represents a woman centered spirituality to address not only the needs of women, but the contribution women make to spirituality. Women are without a doubt more intuitive and more connected energetically – perhaps this has been recognized and this is what our “forefathers” were in fact trying to repress. They didn’t understand it, so their worldview had to be the only view.

FINALLY the time has come when intuitive based spirituality is recognized, understood and valued for the importance it has in the experience of all people. Rules, dogma, restriction, prescriptive prayer has never been and will never be a one size fits all approach despite being the literal law of the land. How we interact with the spirits of the world found in our surroundings will help us manifest and essentially project the life that we were called to live.

It will help us to live our purpose and destiny.

Earth, Air, Water, Fire, intuition, energy and how we perceive them will help us create more meaning in our lives.

Witches rising? I think so. Witches only ever were healers, helpers and wise women. Intuiting feeling and understanding the impact of our actions on the world around us will drive collective spirituality.

May it begin.

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Looking forward or looking back?

We in the Western world pride ourselves on being “forward thinking”, “progressive” (although that word has gotten a bad rap) “advanced” when it comes to science, technology and health care. So why when it comes to religion and/or spirituality are we always looking back, in most cases centuries ago, to define what we believe? We look to patriarchal religions, and they ALL were patriarchal, from cultures that don’t exist anymore to define our spirituality. Where are the Goddesses and Gods of today?

If we think Zeus, Diana, Brigid, Dagda, Hecate were mythical, why do we call on them to define what we believe? We dig through books and fragments, history and signs to see what they believed and try to create a religion that we think they practiced. Even more controversial, what about Jesus? We worship the Man-God who define life in a culture so completely foreign to us because of what he said over 2000 years ago. The Catholic Church leaders parade around in costumes worn centuries ago because somehow that makes them more authentic. Let’s be honest, they must feel very silly in the pointed hats and hot robes.

The energy of the Universe is our spiritual mother, of the Earth stuff we are born, the air we breathe sustains us and the water we drink is such a significant part of us perhaps here is where we define our belief. We can’t live without Earth, Air, Water or Fire. We can live without Jesus, Buddha, Moses and Mohammed.

Unee is the energy of the universe. She is not to be worshipped, just acknowledged and to live in awareness with her. She always has my back, even when I want the outcome to be different I come to realize whatever happened was the best thing for me.

Living in harmony with the elements and then working with them, remembering Unee and being conscious of my thoughts and what I put out by way of my thought energy. Maybe this is spirituality for the 21 century.

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