Honest Intuition

Which is more trust worthy intuition or logic? A question that has perplexed humankind for millennia. Women excel at intuition, the silent knowing without overthinking and overanalyzing. Not to say men are not intuitive as well, but in general women are simply more intuitive.

By relying more on logical reasoning it has been thought that the approach yielded better outcomes. Thinking it through, evaluating all sides, comparing outcomes was somehow more valuable. Somehow in that process the flaws were overlooked. Personal agendas, wanting the outcome to be one way or another, ignoring some data and including other was the norm and the the associated issues were glossed over.

Meanwhile intuition became suspect because it was too opinion and not fact based. It was thought to be based in feelings and not hard cold facts that truly don’t exist. Thoughts and feelings have been proven to have a profound impact on outcome even more so than data so it seems intuition may be the frontrunner.

It is time we started listening to that small quiet voice called intuition and having less reliance on ever changing science and “facts”.

This is the way nature operates, she listens and responds. What do you intuit?

Women’s Power Spirituality

Engaging in meaningful spiritual practice allows us to reclaim our inner power and become powerful. We stand in our knowing in what we feel is right at our deepest self and that exudes from our being.

We know, we just do. We intuit it, we feel it in a way that is palpable to us. We then enlist the aide of what we know is real, the Earth we live on, the Air we breathe, the Water that comprises us and is outside us and the Fire that sustains us.

We stand in that and in our knowing, it runs through us from the beginning of time itself.

When we acknowledge this connection again, the truth flows through us. We no longer need dogma or another persons definition of what we should believe because we have our own strong beliefs. It grows once we acknowledge our connection, it becomes more real to us at first and then to others and finally we have no doubts, our path is clear.

Unee has brought us that, but she has always been there waiting for us to see her and to see our real selves. To use our intuition to look inside for answers not outside for validation. Once you feel that again, the world sparkles and hums, you feel the vibration and the ancient knowing comes roaring back. Synchronicities start to appear endlessly and you start to manifest what you want in your life because you can and now you remember.

Women’s power spirituality, we create life, we manifest spirit and when you touch that you feel the power.

Stand tall, women’s power spirituality is alive and released. Acknowledge your connection it is here waiting for you.

Photo by Geni Hoka on Pexels.com