Messengers of Mystery

Messengers of mystery are those that bring insight into the spiritual world we know exists. Little windows that let us peek into and see the other side if only for a fleeting moment. The world tumbles on often unaware of these messengers, but they are there none-the-less. Look for them, acknowledge them and you will likely see their presence more and more.

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Love is all there is

Unee loves, receive the love she came to give, that is the whole reason for our existence, to love and to be loved. When we see love all division ceases, all pain ceases, all injustice ceases. Work toward feeling Unee’s love, it is life altering and you will never be  the same. It is available to everyone and you don’t need to pass a test, or study the right books, or say the right prayers. You need to believe and sit and be open. Try, but not too hard, let Unee’s love come over you by waiting for it and being receptive to it.

May love always be.

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The channel of love opens

The channel of love opens when we stop and wait for it, knowing it is there for us. It is like a stream or path that you never noticed before, but when you do, you arrive at the most beautiful sight you have ever seen.  How to describe Unee’s love…It is like the sun baking down and warming your very soul, it is an all engulfing feeling of acceptance. You don’t want to cry because someone finally really loves you, you just soak it in and don’t want to loose the feeling. It is a complete sense of well-being that you don’t need to do anything “right” you just need to be in it and aware of this feeling of intense love. You do have to come back to your life, we all have work to do, but there is a taste that never goes away, a memory of what love really is and something we strive to feel again, but simply and quietly by being available to it. Let Unee’s love rise over you like the sunrise. We know the sun always rises, just like Unee’s love.

May love always be.

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