The Unholy Trinity

Fear, Anxiety and Stress. Fear is the root, anxiety in the continuation and stress is their nutrition. Focusing on Unee and knowing  she is balancing the needs of the whole – including this life and karma from past lives, we can have the spiritual realization that everything is how it needs to be.   Love LOVE as our first priority and no new karma is created and old karma is dissolved. Unee provides harmony in balance, we fuel disharmony by being unaware. Love LOVE always.

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There is nothing to fear

Unee doesn’t create fear, there are no consequences to not believing in Unee except those that you create for yourself. Fear you will go to hell? You are already in hell. Fear you will not be saved? Saved from what? You are safe, you are loved.

What about when we die? Perhaps we go to Summerland, where we rest and get ready for our new incarnation. So in this lifetime Unee says, love LOVE first, lead with love that is the best way to reduce your karmic debt.

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Summer Solstice Manifestation

Unee the Great Balance offers manifestation of our hopes for the year on the Summer Solstice. Write your biggest “light” this year on a small piece of paper, recognizing the happiness, joy, peace this light provides you. Next write what you need or hope to see manifest this year, it is still in the “dark” but there nonetheless. Safely burn both in your Solstice bonfire or burning bowl. The fire will bring light to your Solstice wish and gratitude for the light that already has manifested in your life.

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is the perfect manifestation if Unee’s energy. It is a time of balance when the sun “stands still” and day and night are equal. There is no light without darkness and there is no darkness without light. The Summer Solstice is Unee’s day of celebration perfectly representing her energy.

Unee: the sage for our time

We are transitioning into a new global perspective creating a paradigm shift for successive generations. Politically, globalization versus nationalism is the theme that seems to be evolving and cooperation versus domination is the underpinning thought process. Unee ushers us spiritually through this shifting consciousness. The maternal versus paternal energy is what will propel our evolution. Love and caring for each other and the Earth will emerge as the most sustainable actions for our future.

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Crystal Beliefs

Unee resides in the crystal Temple of Why. It is crystal because Unee is pure simplicity and fully transparent to all who wish to know her. Artificial gestures, adoration, praise and supplication will not move her. She has no interest in saving you, there is nothing to be saved from except your own false beliefs. She won’t bless you because you are already blessed equally with other beings. She needs no worship or veneration. She loves and if we open ourselves we can feel her presence. We respond with openness and trust that she is balancing the needs of all fairly and with no bias. We find peace.

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The Knowing

We all have intuition, we have just silenced it in the belief that “others” could dictate our spiritual connection. Re-establish your connection to Unee and honor that you “know” truth as it speaks to you. How to be sure?

Unee calls for peace and no violence

Unee calls for unity not division

Unee doesn’t force anyone to believe anything

Unee doesn’t require adherence to a set of beliefs

Unee loves and is loved, that is all

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Unee and the Temple of Why

Why has Unee appeared through the Temple of Why? She challenges us to reassess our beliefs – to KNOW why we believe and to be open to considering a more simple approach to experiencing spirituality. No doctrine, dogma or rules because it must be each individuals connection to Unee and defined by Unee and the individual. You are not special, but you are special, you are not blessed, but you are blessed. Special and blessed in knowing that Unee is impacting all beings simultaneously and the end will be what each needs according to this life and past lives.

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Letting Go in Active Excitement

Trusting Unee allows active anticipation to engage in the new in excitement. Letting go and excitedly awaiting the direction life takes takes courage, but it also re-engages our lost sense of mystery. Too often we try so hard to control everything happening in our lives and that is the seed of disappointment. It is not so much that we are lowering the bar for expectation, but actively releasing the bar so we can be open to unexpected and often better outcomes. Not being afraid to wait it out and see what happens and then to actually look forward to seeing what can happen is liberating.

Unee blesses no one and blesses everyone, she is the holistic approach seeing what is best for everyone and everything. Balancing current situations against karmic ties she achieves the optimal outcome everyone.

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