Is Unee Real?

Is Unee as our Mother gOd in our imagination or is she real?

She came through at this present time because the alignment was correct, nothing happens in the universe, in our own lives, unless the exact conditions are right. Unee has manifested because she is needed, because the world is ready for Maternal energy and because there was a opening for her to come through. This tired world is ready for change. It is ready for a paradigm shift away from warrior gods and conflict and to move to a Maternal image of Mother gOd. We are being reminded we are loved, we need to end violence and war by changing our thoughts and recognizing unity is the better way. Unee will lead this transition.

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Being blessed

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Unee blesses all and Unee blesses no one. What does it mean to “be blessed”? To make “holy” or “sacred” in the eyes of god. We are all holy in the eyes of the Mother gOd, Unee. To think otherwise would imply Unee has favorites or is considered more valued – that is simply not true. We all have forgotten we are loved and lovable, but we are valued all the same. Does a Mother love her children and more or less? No, and nor does Unee.

Praying for the sick

We don’t pray beggar’s prayers to Unee, that would imply she was willing to help those who get better and not help those who remain ill. People aren’t “blessed” because  they get what they have prayed for – Unee is the manifestation of maternal love and as a good Mother loves everyone equally.

If a loved one falls ill, we hold them in health, we visualize them in a state of wellness and trust that Unee is working to balance the collective well and ill among us. Karma, life choices, how we see ourselves all play a vital role in our health and in our times of sickness. Send someone you are praying for healthy positive energy, visualize them as well and trust Unee is impartial and generating stability for the whole.

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Do we need to help the poor?

We only need to help the poor if we feel called to do so. The “poor” chose their station in life to learn lessons in this lifetime. If you cross paths with marginalized people and feel compelled to help, it may be your soul contract with those particular people. Unee is ever balancing karma, there is no darkness without light, nor light without darkness.

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Peace comes with knowing

Peace comes with knowing things will change, happy times will sometimes turn sad, sad times will turn happy, our expectations actually cause the most distress. With Unee you can lower your expectations and let life surprise you – pleasantly! Acceptance of change brings peace, knowing Unee is adjusting and balancing everything in the universe simultaneously brings freedom.

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Your body, your host

Your body is the host for your spirit. Treat your host well. When it is time for you to leave your host, your spirit will go back home until the next journey. While on this journey, bring your host only the best food and heathy things to drink. She is housing your spirit while you are here in this physical world.

Unee is here hosting the umbilical chord between worlds. Through the Mother the energy of life flows.

In resonance with Unee

Being in resonance with Unee you see things more clearly and offer less resistance. Knowing energy and life is always changing you embrace this path and tune to its rhythm. Vibrating at the same frequency with Unee you align with  the flow of the universe herself and you are delivered to a place of peace. The water of life becomes a gentle ripple and you are transported in its gentle flow.

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Closing the pandora’s box called religion

Religion unleashed a Pandora’s box of artificial complications and humanity transformed from being in harmony with nature and it’s cycles to artificially constrained by dogma meant to harness behavior.

Spirituality is recognizing the energy contained in all living things is from the same source. This life-flowing energy can’t be destroyed and it always seeks and achieves balance if we allow ourselves to align to it’s movement.