What really happens when you die

When our Earthly existence has come to an end, we return to the Cave of Creation and we reunite with our Soul Mother and our souls sing. Being reunited with such Divine Love that we never experienced in the physical world is like going home to somewhere you can’t believe you ever left. We are greeted with such overwhelming Divine Love that we are swept up into it and know we are home. There is nothing to fear with death, we are uniting with our Soul Mother and our soul family, beings that truly love us more than we can ever know. Imagine returning to a place where everyone was so happy to see you again and you could see in their eyes the sincerity and depth of love that you have longed for, that is what awaits all of us.

No fear, no judgement, no eternal damnation these were all instruments of control in a physical world. What better tool than to tell someone if you didn’t do exactly what they wanted you would suffer horrendously in the afterlife? It may have been a good way to manipulate people in the past, but that is not the energy of now.

Once we spend time recovering in the Cave of Creation we decide what life we want to experience again in the physical, feeling world. We descend again because we like the physical world, we like the experiences, and we know our Soul Mother and family await us when we return. The better experiences we have in the physical world, the better choices we make create a better experience for us here. That is why good choices are important, don’t choose suffering here or negativity! Choose joy and optimism, send love to others in need or just out into the Universe for whomever needs it. That love returns to you here. We do tend to recreate our last lives again in similar ways, so make good choices and each time you return will be better and better.

And some of us will eventually realize the veil between the worlds is of our creation and we can actually cross back and forth at will. Those will be the people who will help us learn about Soul Mother and how the spiritual world really is and how we exist in the physical world. Eventually there will be more and more of these people returning as people wake up and see what is real.

Photo by Sachin C Nair on Pexels.com

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