What is the purpose of spirituality?

The purpose of spirituality is to acknowledge the connection to Divine Love and recognize that your physical existence is a small part of the totality that is really you. Spirituality brings you to unity with the bigger whole that you are an integral part of. Spirituality provides optimism and hope because you know the physical world is not all there is, and the unseen world is alive in you and around you.

Spirituality helps you remember Soul Mother in the Cave of Creation and that gives you hope. It gives you something to look forward to, you can reconnect with her now and once you pass into the spiritual world again you know you will see her again. Connecting with spirituality helps you realize you are here to experience life, you wanted to come here and you will come back again.

Spirituality reconnects you with Divine Love and Life in every cell of your being. You can feel and hear the vibration of Divine Love and Life and it is so comforting and you know you are never alone. Spirituality reminds you you are Divine and magnificent because you were made in the image of Divine Love and Divine Love is magnificent.

Spirituality reminds you nothing in the physical world is as important as it seems, it is just meant to be experienced.

Spirituality is not morality that is where religion gets it wrong. Morality is a social construct and what is considered “moral” can change society to society and certainly age to age. Spirit is timeless. Divine Love is timeless.

The World desperately needs spirituality based on Divine Love right now. The World needs to let go of religion that is causing war and strife and recognize atheism isn’t the answer either. Atheism has caused war and strife trying to eradicate religion. The World needs to turn inward with compassion and see Divine Love within so they can see Divine Love when looking out.

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