Unee or God?

Unee or God? Unee is the feminine energy of God and God is the masculine energy of Unee. Is one “more” than the other? Absolutely not, humans are the only species obsessed with gender. Why? Because we are stuck and way too focused on the physical, on our physical side. We act as if the temporary and always decaying material part of ourselves is so important and we ignore the spiritual side of us that lives on forever.

All religions have pitched men against women and since we have been in a lower state of vibration, we have been more focused on men as stronger and therefore somehow more worthy. Again, we have been so focused on the physical side of our being, we have put the eternal side of ourselves in a subordinate, sometimes non-existent position. To what end? To millennia of oppression of women, of might is right mentality and anything we can’t see in the physical world, like Unee and God, are downplayed.

Is God more than Unee? God doesn’t think so. He is a part of her just as she is a part of him just as they are a part of us. The energy Unee is bringing to the world now is so very important, we need to move on from God concepts that no longer help us evolve. We don’t need a vengeful, jealous God anymore (not that he ever was), we need loving, supportive, perfect feminine spiritual energy accessible and ever present. Does she bestow gifts? No, never, (neither did God) she is here living in us and all around us. Look for the beauty that is everywhere and you will find her emanating and shining.

Unee is love and light and we can learn to love her we will see it too.

Photo by Kat Smith on Pexels.com

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