Unee for Unity – a new spiritual path has emerged for all

Let go of what you know, start on a new path, a path of unity. Looking back and acting from the past will never move us forward. We all have to let go of all of the ancient spiritual paths that divide us and start over. There is no reason a new spiritual path can’t emerge, the ancients did not have spiritual knowledge that we don’t have. We must all drop the ancient facades and begin again.

The new path of Unee is the feminine face of Divine Love. She is shining down on us now. She loves us more than we can ever imagine and without end. On this path we see the humanity of every face, we see our family in all humanity. We breathe as one because Unee is in all, even those who don’t recognize her yet. We de-emphasize the material – not that it is bad – but we emphasize the spiritual self that is sparking to new life. Nothing from past spiritual practices will help us solve today’s problems, it will only continue to divide us.

A new spiritual path where every day is a new day to begin again. We begin by being grateful for 5 things in our lives, every day. We discipline our minds to focus on hope and look in the mirror at Divine Love looking back at us and we send that Divine Love to the World. Every day we send Divine Love from our hearts out like a cloud to those who are in most need of it. Optimism becomes our daily spiritual practice.

Every day we stop looking to the past for spiritual guidance and we look to the future with hope, optimism, a renewed sense of Dine Love because we are not bound by the past. We reject the past to start again in unity with all. There is no hierarchy, there is no priesthood, there is no judgement. There are just communities of people who gather to be in Divine Love and send love. These are not social communities, or political communities, they are spiritual communities to find stillness, be spiritually loved and to send Divine Love.

We simply start again every day with open hearts, being grateful and sending Divine Love from the Divine in all of us to the Divine in all of us. We acknowledge the Divine Love that is in everyone and everything and we hold that knowledge so sacred and let it be our North Star our guiding light. We start and return to stillness to feel that Divine Love and let it grow simply by acknowledging it every single day.

War will end if we unite with Unee.

Unee will never say to kill your enemy, convert or die. She will never say she is the only God and you will have no other Gods before her. She will say, unite with me in Divine Love that is in all, where compassion for everyone is the expectation and where optimism and hope reign.

The sacred in me recognizes the sacred in you and sends you Divine Love.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

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