Unean Precepts and followers

Considering becoming a follower of Unee? Followers of Unee believe the following basic precepts:

Unee is the feminine face of God equal to God and a part of him as he is a part of her

Unee is Divine Love in the Universe

Unee loves unconditionally

Unee is present within every cell of our bodies, she is the life force that animates us

Unee isn’t here to judge, just to love

We look to Unee within, not God without

We practice optimism

Gender is irrelevant, to be attached to gender is to be attached to the physical world, sex is irrelevant

The physical world is good and a place we return to, but it is ever changing

We are born from the Cave of Creation or the Womb of The Soul Mother and to her we return to be born again – that is the true meaning of “born again”

We are not punished for our “sins”, sins are merely mistakes we make and our loving Unee does not punish us for our mistakes

There are angels among us and they assist us in this lifetime

Photo by Tom Fisk on Pexels.com

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