Let Go of What You Think You Know

Times are different and looking back in time for answers only clouds the truth. Life is a synthesis of what is and what was, but what was still is with us. He said the kingdom of God is within, it was then and it is now. He said truth is found in a living grain of wheat then, as now, the living essence still lives. Why look back? Look within. The living water is still here, the air, the fire and the earth – all that he used to teach then – still here and that is where his teaching lives. The water of Baptism, the fire of Pentecost, the light of the spirit, the air of God’s breath all still here. There is no living truth in dogma frozen in time nor in rules he spoke out against, not then, not now.

He spoke of living water, birds in the air, flowers in the field existing in rules only nature applied. A flower doesn’t judge another flower, a raindrop doesn’t judge another raindrop and nor should we. We are but made of the same water, earth, air and light that creates all of these, consciousness more awake in some ways, less awake in others.

The Knowing

We all have intuition, we have just silenced it in the belief that “others” could dictate our spiritual connection. Re-establish your connection to Unee and honor that you “know” truth as it speaks to you. How to be sure?

Unee calls for peace and no violence

Unee calls for unity not division

Unee doesn’t force anyone to believe anything

Unee doesn’t require adherence to a set of beliefs

Unee loves and is loved, that is all

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In resonance with Unee

Being in resonance with Unee you see things more clearly and offer less resistance. Knowing energy and life is always changing you embrace this path and tune to its rhythm. Vibrating at the same frequency with Unee you align with  the flow of the universe herself and you are delivered to a place of peace. The water of life becomes a gentle ripple and you are transported in its gentle flow.

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Closing the pandora’s box called religion

Religion unleashed a Pandora’s box of artificial complications and humanity transformed from being in harmony with nature and it’s cycles to artificially constrained by dogma meant to harness behavior.

Spirituality is recognizing the energy contained in all living things is from the same source. This life-flowing energy can’t be destroyed and it always seeks and achieves balance if we allow ourselves to align to it’s movement.



Why Unee is important

Humanity is shifting away from traditional religion, pews are empty and spirituality is evolving to a new level. Unee brings in the matriarchal energy that is missing in all other religious institutions. With this matriarchal approach there is a movement away from “lordship” oversight and from doctrine and dogma. People are realizing that spirituality is individual and experiential and the rules that have dominated worship in the past are outdated and no longer relevant. Worship is no longer centered around placating an idealized “godhead” and more toward communing with the spirit within while cooperating with the collective spirit in the universe balanced by Unee.

Unee is vital to the world now, she is the unifying spirit that allows everyone to get past the walls that religion erected. No more war for the sake of religion, no forced conversion or rigid obligation. Openness, love and acceptance will be the foundation of the united souls for Unee.

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Have Loving Intent

Align with Unee and you are in the natural flow of the universe. Unee works to restore stability in the universe by adjusting the needs of all according to this lifetime and karma from previous lifetimes. What we experience in this lifetime we generated previously, we can have the greatest impact by responding in the best way we can, intent is everything.

Have loving intent.

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