The Holy Women Apostles and Post Resurrection Life

Everyday was surreal, Mary Magdalene (MM) and the other women felt suspended knowing things would not continue like this. Joanna, Salome and Susanna would watch trying to pretend things were normal, knowing it was never going to be the same. Most often MM, Mary of Bethany (MB) and Martha would be speaking to Yeshua, they could see the sadness growing in MM’s eyes. He told them they must carry on, that they must share his message and not let his teachings fade away. He told them to be strong that things would change, but only after more conflict. He started mentioning how he would be leaving again and this time he would not return right away. He said the world needed to hear his message and embrace it freely, to really understand that peace and love was the only way to ending suffering.

Peter and the others had seen Yeshua as well, they too were shocked and stunned by his appearance. They all were afraid. They all hid from the Rabbi’s and the Romans. They avoided all of the townspeople and prayed.

The men finally left and went up the mountain to Gallilee. Yeshua said he would stay with the women and then they would meet them at the lake.

MM would whisper with Mary of Clopas (MC) long into the night sometimes crying and rocking. This was so hard for her, she loved Yeshua so dearly and could not face losing him permanently. None of them knew how they were going to go on without him. They were so happy he returned, but a deep foreboding weighed on them all.

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The Myrrh Bearers Find the Tomb Empty

Why would this be any different? Everything Yeshua did was different from the beginning.

We went along bearing myrrh and spices, not wanting to see him dead and blue and badly, so badly wanting to see him one last time.

We ceremoniously carried the myrrh; Mary Magdalene, Mary of Clopas, Martha, Joanna, Salome and Susanna exhausted from crying, yet somber knowing the work before them. Mary Magdalene ran ahead to the tomb hoping to talk to the Roman Guards and have them roll the stone away.

She approached, but the tomb was opened already. She was terrified and screamed, summoning the other women to her quickly. They ran into the tomb and he was gone, but they stopped suddenly at the sight of two angels! Frozen in fear they watched as one angel stoodโ€”and then Mary recognized him! “Teacher!” she cried and ran to him. “Do not touch me yet, I have not fully risen,” he replied.

They cried tears of joy having known in their hearts this was possible. He did come back to them. He did not leave them.

Yeshua tells Mary, “Mary, thou blessed one, whom I will perfect in all mysteries, all teachings, you whose heart is raised to the kingdom of heaven more than all thy brethren.”  Mary Magdalene answered, “But I am afraid of Peter, because he threatens me and hates us.” Yeshua assures her, “Any of those filled with the spirit of light will come forward to hear you interpret what I say: no one will be able to oppose you.”

He is with us again.