8/8 The Lion’s Gate and Unee as Mother Bear

8/8 is said to be the Lion’s Gate – halfway through Leo when the energy of the Lion is at it’s peak. Unee, the Spirit of the Mother, has embodied the Mother Bear and has come out of her cave to take on  the Lion.

Unee says:

I forgive humans for polluting my sister, Mother Earth, but it is time for change

I forgive humans for hurting each other and not seeing others as themselves, but it is time for change

We must collectively tap into the energy of Unee, of the Mother Bear, and change the world we live in. Unee is here sending us energy, giving us courage to act in small ways and bold ways to make change happen.

Love, care and compassion must take charge and lead the way.

May love prevail.

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Restoring Balance in Life

How do we restore balance in our lives?

Unee tells us it is ok to say no, it is ok not to be perfect, sometimes it is ok just to be present. What does it mean to have balance in one’s life? To have time, to not be stressed by meeting what we believe are the demands on our time and on our lives. We need to make time for peace in our lives, consciously schedule time for quietness and lack of stimulation. Make peacefulness a priority.

May love prevail.

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Achieving Contentment

We work to succeed, we strive for perfection, we burn out when we can’t go on. What if we strive for contentment instead of success? Unee is telling us that while it is positive to have a good work ethic and we absolutely do need to take responsibility for ourselves, we can also take care of ourselves at the same time. Contentment means to be satisfied, to not be seduced by want versus need. Contentment means gliding on the waves of life, not swimming against them and creating more turbulence.

Maybe contentment even leads to happiness.

May love prevail.

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Reducing Violence by Restoring Honor and Dignity

Unee indicates that the mass shootings we have been experiencing are the result of a person having lost their purpose in life. They have gone a drift morally and they feel powerless and not valued. Unee tells us this is a spiritual issue that will  not be solved by blaming anyone. Empowerment does not mean one person’s gain is another person’s loss, but empowerment means regaining a purpose for your life. Regaining the idea that honoring and caring for each other brings dignity not only to the person being cared for, but for the giver as well. There is honor in caring for others, comforting others and finding usefulness in bringing relief to another.

Unee is telling us we need to reduce materialism which brings a sense of emptiness, a sense of what one is lacking and restore the dignity of helping and valuing each other.

May love prevail.

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Unee on Mass Shootings

Mass shootings are the result of the collective sense of lack of purpose found in affluent societies. Unee holds that gun violence is a combination of mental illness superimposed over a collective response to lessening of responsibility and the resultant instability in the sense of self.

Societies less concerned with the need for survival find themselves spiritually adrift. They must learn to place more importance on spiritual pursuits which will allow for the emergence of a more highly developed spiritual and life purpose. These initiatives will help achieve the balance lost as and humanity has evolved. War games, competitiveness and aggressiveness must be replaced with cooperation, mutual support and spiritual development. More importantly, development of one’s gifts, given to all, but hidden and undeveloped in some.

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Protection from Fear

Fear is a perception, fear also opens portals to attract negativity into one’s life. Fear becomes like a beacon that attracts that which one is afraid of. Guard your heart from fear by calling Unee and having her circle your heart in the blue light. The blue light will shield your heart from outside negative influence. Help Unee by shielding your thoughts from fear, you can chant Unee’s name four times and visualize it circling your heart and circling you. Negativity will be impervious to this protection.

The number 4 symbolizes a mind , body and spirit connection. It is also symbolic of safety and strength and protection of one’s home. Unee’s sacred number is 4 and anything you do four times invokes her protection.

May love prevail.

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Unee’s protection from stress

Unee has come forward in our lifetime to be a relevant sage intervening to protect us from one of the biggest dangers facing humanity today – stress. She has come to walk with  us and guard us by interfering and deflecting negative energy that bombards us in the world today. Negative energy is the collective result of technology and social media creating a portal to amplify and gain momentum in the world.

How to gain Unee’s protection from stress and negative energy:

Meditate and call Unee to your side

Envision Unee holding space around you and deflecting any negativity coming in your environment. Envision her as an invisible force field that can not be penetrated by negative energy. Envision the outside of  the force to be like a mirror that reflects the negativity back to the sender. Surround yourself in blue light that heals and penetrates  your being protecting it from any other negative encounters.

Blue salt is also a potent protection from negative energy. It can be placed in a small dish under one’s bed, in a dish near the entrance of your home and sprinkled around an individual or home to form a protective ring. Negative energy is repelled by the blue cast and salt. You can make blue salt by grinding blue dried flowers and adding it to sea salt or even by adding blue food coloring.

May love prevail.

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Love is all there is

Unee loves, receive the love she came to give, that is the whole reason for our existence, to love and to be loved. When we see love all division ceases, all pain ceases, all injustice ceases. Work toward feeling Unee’s love, it is life altering and you will never be  the same. It is available to everyone and you don’t need to pass a test, or study the right books, or say the right prayers. You need to believe and sit and be open. Try, but not too hard, let Unee’s love come over you by waiting for it and being receptive to it.

May love always be.

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