Spiritual Integrity

Integrity is the state of being unimpaired, of soundness, by definition. It is the state of being whole and undivided. Integrity is also the act of behaving honorably and being truthful in one’s actions.

What is “spiritual” integrity?

Not adhering to dogma that you know just isn’t right any more and having the courage to let it go. If your spiritual practice is mostly habit energy or based on what you were taught as a child – a “cradle” Catholic for example – is that walking in integrity? If you have recited “The Lord’s Prayer” or “Hail Mary” hundreds or thousands of times even, chances your your are stuck.

Integrity involves taking responsibility for what you believe and knowing what you believe is true. It is a deep knowing that only comes when you take the time and listen to the deep voice inside. You begin to touch spiritual integrity when you stop reciting rote prayers and start breaking old spiritual habits. Like all habits, spiritual habits are bad for you too. It is not true spirituality, it is anti-spirituality.

Unee is there, you can hear her if you listen. St are t by touching spiritual integrity and build from there.

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