Spiritual evolution

There is nothing more pure in the Universe than the love of God. The power of love is the creative energy of life itself. Love and compassion are the pure elements of God and there is nothing else. Punishment and judgement is what humanity pasted upon the idea of God long ago.

You were born magnificent and worthy, the image of God. You were born into a divine plan that gives you the choice to see light or dark and gives you free choice to SEE the God within you or not. Rewrite what you were told, who God is, and see it accurately. You didn’t arrive here to be punished!

God only helps and loves, no matter what you do. With your gift of discernment (Adam and Eve didn’t fall, they were given the gift of discernment) you have free choice and you can believe anything, but when you see who God really is, your life starts changing, you start to see the immense beauty that has always been there. Use your wisdom and God-given spiritual logic and evolve to a truth that is magnificent and filled with compassion and love and beauty.

Do you believe science can evolve, technology can evolve, people can live longer, even instruments of war evolve, but spirituality can’t? We are stuck in what we were told 2000+ years ago. Revisit the punishment part, that humans are horrible sinners part and realize we have evolved spiritually too and we don’t need that part of our belief system any more. It was ALWAYS A DECEPTION, that WAS the deception. We need to solely focus on God’s love and compassion and how humans evolve – in love.

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