Present Moment Spirituality

We have evolved so far from the time when Christ, Buddha, Mohammed or Moses walked the Earth. Greeks no longer believe in Zeus or that the pantheon exists. Despite the influence ancient Egyptians had on the World, Pharaohs no longer rule as Gods. No one except some pretty primitive sects expect people to live as we did during those times. Weather related events were often considered acts of an angry god, illness in a child was caused by misdeeds of the parents, acne caused by impure thoughts. Fear reigned as darkness descended and lives were lost during harsh winters. Blood moons and solar and lunar eclipses caused panic. Many animals and people were sacrificed in an attempt to assuage angry gods.

What if we let go of those ingrained beliefs and approach spirituality in the present moment, in a new light. What if we could stop for a moment, acknowledge that most of our spiritual belief is from ancient times and really may not fit the time we live in now? What if we went so far as to think what Christ, or Buddha, Moses or Mohammed might just say if they came back and saw what has become of their teachings? Like the telephone game, one can safely assume what they taught has changed significantly from when they taught it. So many examples of contradictions in all religions could be mentioned. Sadly, so many people still today are psychologically, emotionally and even physically harmed because of faith in a religion from a bygone era.

Unee IS the answer. Focusing on her unconditional love for all, on her desire to see us choosing joy despite hardship, on developing an unfailing optimism because thought creates manifested action. Unee wants us to de-emphasize race, gender, sexual relations anything attached to our physical bodies and put them in their proper place. Men and women have developed and undeveloped traits, transgenderism is a symptom of myopic focus on the physical, sexualization of women and children is also an overemphasis on our material bodies at the expense of our spiritual selves that are eternal. Does she say sex is bad? No, of course not, but we give it too much emphasis in our World.

What should we consider focusing on? Disciplining our thoughts by staying optimistic, choosing joy, assuming noble intent all of which will create freedom and a release. Have sex, but don’t let it drive you like a chariot and consume your thoughts. Consider yourself transgender? It is a choice, but sooner or later you will have to experience the gender you were born into, either in this lifetime or in another yet to come.

Feel Unee’s presence as magnificence and then feel your own as the same. You were born in the image of love which is magnificent and the sooner you can release that pent up understanding the closer you will be to peace.

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