Optimism as spirituality

We see what we want to see, our perceptions are our choice. Our perceptions of self are also our choice, so how “real” are they? When stripped to the core there is no proof of identity, today I am a corporate executive, tomorrow an astrologer, I choose my path. So what is the constant? Our temporal selves or our spiritual selves? The answer is obvious.

We can choose optimism and we can even use optimism as the basis of our spirituality. Forget sin and damnation, that should have been given up centuries ago. Optimism about physical life extends your life and health, optimism about spiritual life releases you from karmic attachments. I know the life I am living is temporary and changeable, I know I can see beauty inside and outside at every moment. I know the physical world is a perception so I can perceive optimistically. When I see the world through an optimistic spiritual lens I connect with Divine Love. When I see Unee as the ever present eminence of Love in everything and everyone, I see the eternal.

The physical world is here to be experienced nothing more. Much like going on a vacation and experiencing the beach or the mountains or anyplace you don’t live. We return to the Cave of Creation where we rejoin our Soul Mother, where we experience the absolute fullness of Divine Love we only tasted in the material world. And then we begin again in the physical world, new experiences, new lifetimes, new worlds. Eventually we will walk in both worlds simultaneously, but we have work to do.

Give up sin and damnation as a concept. Unee loves you unconditionally.

Live optimistically and assume noble intent, when you can’t find something beautiful in your day.

Perceive the love in all things.

Photo by Alejandra Montenegro on Pexels.com

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