Living in Integrity

Living in integrity means living in honesty and being whole and undivided. If we live in integrity, we are living our authentic selves. We are being honest with ourselves and others about who we really are. Unee as the feminine face of God helps us to be real and to be comfortable being real. The God of the old energy was presented to us as a stern father figure who would punish us for being disobedient. People actually humanized God into a dysfunctional father figure. Who would create beings only to have them be eternally damned if they couldn’t live up to some unrealistic standards? This has man written all over it, religion used to manipulate and control the masses. Be convincing that they will suffer torment if they don’t follow the “rules” and you have a society of sheep – they were so bold they actually called and still call their followers sheep. Wow.

So what happens when we live in integrity? We become more honest, we attract those who are honest about their beliefs as well. We feel better in our own skin about living the life we feel is the right way to live. We stop trying to live up to someone else’s standards and live more grounded in what we intuitively know to be true. We feel better because we no longer need to compartmentalize our life pretending to be in agreement with what does not resonant with us.

Unee does not judge, punish, admonish or damn anyone. Unee is the consciousness of love. Every time you feel love, it is Unee manifesting through you. Unee is a separate and aware consciousness that created magnificent beings – us. Why would she create defective creations?? We are not fallen, sinful people who need saving from a vengeful God. We need to recognize our magnificence and own it, that is what Unee wants us to do. Live in integrity, in wholeness, undivided. Live your truth while others live theirs. Unee is in us as love and outside us as love, simultaneously. We carry Unee in every cell of our bodies and can tap into that love at any time. If you think – if you know – you are loved everything falls into place. You have more confidence, you’re not as fearful and are less anxious. Isn’t that a better way to live?

It takes work to wake up and realize you have been told untruths your entire life. These lies may have been told to you by loving parents, pastors, priests or teachers and they likely had no ill-intent. They too have been indoctrinated over multiple lifetimes of deceit and probably punishment. For millennia various religions have required obedience to their dogma under threat of great punishment or even death. We have a lot of undoing to do.

The fact that you are reading this means you intuitively know something in the current religious system is off, it is not right. Know you are not alone and you are loved. The storm is passing.

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