Key to the Divine

Do you see the keyhole in the door to the Divine? It implies it is locked and you need a key to pass through. That simply isn’t true, there is no lock nor is there a door or even a veil. All we have been told about being “sinners” needing to be “saved” is simply not true. The rules were made by religious institutions in old energy. That is what we needed then that is not what we need now, we have spiritually evolved. Perhaps not all of us, some will still go to their various denominational boxes and that is ok, that works for them for now.

The Divine is love and we were made in its image.

The sole purpose of the Divine is love and that is what is does. It is love in the World and loves us. Love sees the best in us, the angel inside of us that is our soul. Love sees nothing more. Everything was created to support us in a communal, co-existent way. We love and we are loves in return.

Lesson number one, cleanse your mind. How? Stop thinking you are a sinner and start to fall in love with who you really are. You are magnificent. Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself of that, it is true.

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