• Honest Intuition
    Which is more trust worthy intuition or logic? A question that has perplexed humankind for millennia. Women excel at intuition, the silent knowing without overthinking and overanalyzing. Not to say men are not intuitive as well, but in general women are simply more intuitive. By relying more on logical reasoning it has been thought that … Continue reading “Honest Intuition”
  • Rain meditation
    There is so much we can learn from rain. It cleanses everything it touches equally, it cleanses the air and leaves healthy ions for us to breathe in and it nourishes Mama Earth and gives her the tools she needs to support life. Rain soothes our minds as we listen to itโ€™s gentle rhythm and … Continue reading “Rain meditation”
  • Maternal Brilliance
    The Maternal energy of Unee is brilliant. There is nothing higher in the Universe than to be able to birth new beings into existence. The ability to usher in new life and then the instinct to protect that new fragile being is a drive that is unmatched. Unee is the quintessential embodiment of universal birthing. … Continue reading “Maternal Brilliance”
  • Unee as an Archetype
    Unee is an archetype, just as all Gods and Goddesses are. What is her archetype based on? The maternal perfection of nature and the Universe. Nature is perfect, it changes, modifies, adjusts, flows and adapts. The maternal energy is the highest form of energy in the Universe. What other energy births into being? What better … Continue reading “Unee as an Archetype”
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