DNA and Spirituality

We have all seen it all in one of our past lives. We have been women, men, soldiers, religious, teachers, moms and dads. It is all imbedded in our DNA. But what is also imbedded in our DNA is the ladder of spirituality. Unee lives within every cell of every living being. The ladder for humans is there, we simply get stuck trying to define how to climb the ladder, we get derailed. Dogma replaces spiritual progress and we fall into the trap of pounding our breast for forgiveness or following another human who claims their spirituality is the only way to God.

Ancient religions have torn civilizations apart – as has atheism and the attempt to rid the World of religion. So where do we go to really find the Divine? We go inside, we look for the Divine Love that is unconditional within ourselves. When we find it, we know we can’t judge or be judged, we too can only live from a place of love and compassion. Living with compassion as your guiding light leads you on the correct spiritual path. You don’t get sidetracked by mindless ritual, insane focus on “sin” or focused on being right versus someone else being wrong.

Climb the DNA ladder of spiritual compassion and let that be your light house, the beacon that allows you to determine if what you are doing at any point in time is Divine and in Divine Love. Ask yourself, before uttering any word, or moving forward with any action or even if what your are thinking is compassionate. If it is not, think again.

Anyone involved in any war, thinking from compassion first, would re-think their actions.

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