New Moon Ritual:

Light 3 black candles representing the new moon and one yellow candle for the Leo new moon.

Invite in the elements –

To the East the Element of Air

To the South the element of Fire

To the West the element of Water

To the North the element of Earth

Invite other benevolent spirits and spirits of the ancestors of your choosing

Set your intention, the new moon is a grand time for new beginnings, new goals, new aspirations. Visualize the change you want to make, be sure your intent is clear and for the highest good. Think about all of the possible outcomes and be sure you want the universe to hear your request.

Phrase your intent positively and with intent:

I want the path to be open for a new, positive, healthy, loving relationship to come into my life.

I want a new well paying job that I enjoy and fulfills my life purpose.

I want my bank account to be full.

I want my true spiritual path to be revealed.

Write your intention on a bay leaf.

Recite it three times and over a fire proof dish or outside, light the bay leaf on fire releasing your intention to the new moon!!!

Thank your ancestors and elements for coming and release them.

Blow out the candles.

Photo by Bithin raj on Pexels.com
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