Accessing the Higher Realms

Part of a spiritual practice involves working toward accessing the higher realms of spirituality. Acknowledging the higher realms exist and finding the column of pure spiritual essence that transports you to and from them, the finer realms were energy is purer and not as dense. How do we sift through the physical to find the spiritual column or begin to visualize its existence. Nature can assist, most trees grow upward, sap in a tree rises and falls. We can sync ourselves with the spiritual essence that is in every cell of our bodies. We can acknowledge Unee within and like sap rising, begin to feel the elevation that can occur when we focus on Unee’s precepts. Focusing on our image as the likeness of Divine Love, on the sacredness of our existence can cause the sleeping spiritual essence to wake and begin to rise. The longer we can hold our focus on our divinity and its alignment with Unee’s divinity, the closer we come to feeling the rise in our spiritual essence. Ride the spiritual impulse to rise, trust it and let it begin to carry you. Feel the aching and longing of growth, let your spirit start to wake and rise.

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