Daily alignment in balance and harmony

21st century spirituality calls for aligning with Unee and aligning with the universe. Disharmony is caused solely by lack of alignment. Greed, power, unbridled materialism are the result of disharmony and misdirected attempts to fill perceived lack. Focusing on balance and harmony from morning and throughout the day allows Unee to properly work with energies to align them for the best outcome for all.

Tree, water, acorn and rain meditation creates the vehicle for alignment. Conscious focus on the single energy of nature grounds and calms vibrations. Listening to 432hz music also calms vibrations. Calm vibration most easily ripples and glides gently across the environment gently touching and engaging all it encounters. Unee’s message is not always gentle because alignment isn’t always gentle. By aligning with Unee and focusing on balance and harmony the alignment of the universe is more easily accomplished. Stress is reduced and harmony starts to shine.

I align with Unee in balance and harmony.

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