Developing spiritual roots

I was recently made aware of a meditation exercise that I have found very important for developing our spiritual roots. After thoughtfully making sure we are fully in our bodies by bring awareness systematically from our feet to the tops of our heads, we send a root deep into Earth Mother anchoring ourselves there. Feeling fully anchored, we then bring that energy from our Earth Mother to our solar plexus and then send a ray through our upper chakras, through the four chakras above our heads and into the source of light – Unee. Now bring the energy of Unee into the solar plexus to merge with Earth Mother energy.

Here fully aligned above and below we can begin truly exploring our spiritual roots. We can send our energy again deep into the Earth Mother and reach out the roots of our ancestors, they are definitely there. We can visualize the roots of the Sacred Oak tree whose roots descend into the Earth as high as itโ€™s branches reach toward the sky as our inspiration.

Feel the gentle tendrils of your ancestors in Earth Mother and make a connection there. Awaken them from their slumber where they have been napping, waiting patiently for you to acknowledge their presence. Greet them and start a new relationship, they have much to share.

I sent my root deep into the Hill of Tara and the Hill of Ward in Ireland where my ancestors dwelled. Back home in meditation I reached for them deep in the Earth and across the Continents and the ocean I could feel them reaching for me. New insights revealed, deeper peace than I have ever known.

Tlachtga (Hill of Ward) Samhain 2022

2023 the Year of Spiritual Resonance

Live consciously, live in the moment, be present, what does that even mean?

It means, what are we calling in? That which we resonate with is drawn to us. It is a simple yet very deep concept, like draws like, a tuning fork vibration will cause another tuning fork to vibrate at the same tone, your thoughts draw in that which you focus on.

If you knew you were attracting spirits drawn by what you are thinking about would you monitor your thoughts more closely? If you knew your thoughts were like a spiritual GPS telling other spiritual entities on the same vibration where you are, would you discipline your thoughts?

That is exactly what happens, your thoughts send out vibrations which seek to merge with similar vibrations and amplify them. Calmness draws calm, peace draws peace, fear draws fear. Look at those around you, they created their life situations with their thoughts. We all have. It is time to change our thoughts and draw in something new.

2023 is a new opportunity to fine tune our lives and draw in that which resonates with us. From an astrological viewpoint there is a lot that will change in 2023 freeing us from previous influences and opening us up for a new paradigm shift.

How are we going to shape the new year with our thoughts? What do we wish to resonate with and draw to us? What do we want to amplify in our lives? What we think our lives will become.

Living nature based spirituality

Many, many years of research has really helped me come to the conclusion that spirituality has to be forward facing and not based on the past. Spirit is alive in the present and trying to reconstruct what our ancestors did not only provides a complicated version of the telephone game, but is also plagued by lack of authenticity.

Spirit is in all of nature acting, reacting, interacting. It is a vital force that is with us right now and as present as we are. Trees teach us, seeds teach us, the sun, the moon, rocks, water, air, fire all contain key elements that when combined with our consciousness make us whole as a total being.

Unee is the archetype for us now for today. She births souls of all sentient beings, stars, ideas and balances everything so it works in harmony. Balancing the needs of all, not some chosen few, all. Feminine energy to counter the masculine energy that has dominated spirituality for millennia.

Embrace her as the mother of the Universe. Uni – one – verse or song. Unee the one.