Clergy Sex Abuse – how bad is it?

Just how bad is it?

The Catholic Church in the United States has paid out $1,068,000 – over a billion dollars in sex abuse settlement cases.

Over have a half a million children have been abused by priests across the US, Europe and Australia since the 1950’s.

In the US the percentage of priests charges with credible counts of abuse against children:

55.7% of priests have been accused of 1 count of abuse

26.4% of priest has been accused of 2-3 counts of abuse

17.8% of priests have been accused of 4-9 counts of abuse

3.5% of priests have been accused of 10* counts of abuse

Pope Benedict XVI laicized 400 priests for child abuse.

And this is in the 20th century only.

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Reboot the priesthood, Francis? How about abolish the priesthood?

Church hierarchy needs to be abandoned, it was established by Constantine in the Council of Nicea and modeled after Roman law. Christ railed against Pharisees and Sadducees and the exalted positions they held. Isn’t the priesthood with it’s Bishops, Archbishops and the Pope the same? Hasn’t the church been plagued with clergy abuse scandals since the inception of the church though the ages and still to this day? How long does it take for the church to realize their power structure does not work?

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely ~ Lord Acton

The church or any religion will never willing give up its power, it is too addicting, too enticing, too evil. Obeying the priesthood makes one complicit in the criminal acts of the priesthood. The Popes are guilty, the Archbishops are guilty, the Bishops are guilty, the priests are guilty, the ministers are guilty the pastors are guilty, the parishioners are guilty. All are complicit for supporting them.

The people are guilty.

Fighting back against abuse of power is a requirement of a civilized society. Fighting back against the abuses of religion is a requirement of civilized society. Fighting against discrimination against women and gays in the churches is a requirement because it is against the law in civil society.

How long will we allow churches to hide behind the law that non-religious people are not allowed to violate?

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Who are you spiritually aligning with? Don’t believe the lie of religion

We have choices, there are a multitude of different religious flavors available and I used to think that was a good thing, now I’m not so sure.

All of the Abrahamic religions are ancient religions defining morality, societal norms and spiritual beliefs based on cultures that no longer exist – except perhaps the middle east.

Should our spirituality be defined by mostly extinct white men in dangerously misogynistic societies, where spirituality was based on fear of a god who may actually have been a weather pattern they didn’t understand? The wrath of god was a drought or a flood or a sandstorm that they didn’t understand. Yet 2000 years later women are still legally discriminated against under the guise of 1st amendment “freedom of religion” i.e. freedom of discrimination that is above the law?

These same men walk around looking ridiculous in “vestments” from the middle ages under the same guise of religious tradition. And the same religious traditions are against the law in civil society are some how protected?

We are so indoctrinated by the cults of Christianity, Judaism and Islam that it is imbedded in our DNA. It takes a momentous effort to break free as it does from any cult. These religions have perfected their cult like behavior and have it down to a science. Get them when they are young, create fear, habitualize their behavior through ritual they eventually find comforting, reinforce with community support and presto! You are stuck like a fly to fly paper.

The single most important thing to advance women’s rights and standing in the world is to rid our societies of religion. It shouldn’t be protected under the law, men have used the Bible and the Koran to victimize women for centuries. And it won’t stop until we break free and own our own spirituality.

Am I spiritual? You bet, I broke away from the Catholic Church after being a studied and devout Catholic for more than 20 years of my adult life. 20 wasted years. Now my spirituality is based on the cycles of nature and alignment with it. There is so much to be learned about spirituality from nature, you can get the same sense of the sacred in nature that I used to love and yearn for in a large cathedral. It is beautiful and authentic.

Meditate with trees, follow the wheel of the year and it’s land based celebrations. It is freeing and it is real. And nature does not discriminate.

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Unee, Putin, Xi Jinping, Raisi and Biden

Where do we go from here? I asked Unee what is going to happen, I fear multiple invasions are on the horizon and to what end. She said there is a crack in the façade of the world opening up, a time when crisis will lead to evolution. The spiritual plates have shifted and a pentacle has formed. A pentacle does not represent evil, so don’t go down that rabbit hole, interestingly enough it is a protection symbol. A pentacle represents the elements of wind, fire, water, Earth and Spirit and is used to bind and drive away evil.

What is the evil this pentacle is guarding against? The evil of the thoughts and actions of men. There may be chaos initially and then a period of awakening when these powers realize there is no positive outcome on this path. The crack has formed and allowed these events to take place, but the light is also shining through to illuminate the actions that are creating this level of complete destruction.

Unee suggests we all hang on and keep our section of the net still, focusing on alignment with the good, with nature. She will repair the holes in the net created by aggressive activity.

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Unee repairs Indra’s net

Indra’s net is a net or web that has a jewel at each connection point. Each jewel reflects every other jewel in the net. I love this symbolism. If we think of Unee as the keeper of the net and each of us are a jewel that reflects each other, it becomes obvious that every action creates a vibration in the net much like a ripple in a lake. Do we want to be chaos shaking the web and disturbing everything around us or do we want to be harmonious so the web stays intact and connected?

Unee repairs the web if something or someone manages to reek that much havoc, but the effects have rippled out across the continuum. Some will experience a small impact like rolling waves and some a very large impact similar to a tsunami that may leave them unstable for a time. Unee is forever making repairs and adjustments as we live unconscious of our role in the collective dishevelment.

I have started praying with Unee, not a shopper’s prayer, I want this or give me that, but focusing on alignment and stilling my section of the web. I have been asking myself any time I start to feel perturbed, or upset in some way if I am in alignment and still and not shaking my section of the web. It is such a meaningful visual for me that I find it working.

May your net be still and need no repair.

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Spiritual Journeying

People ask me what I am looking for, I respond “I don’t know, I am hoping I’ll know when I find it”. It’s true, I don’t know what I am looking for. I used to say lofty things like truth, authentic spirituality, a true path. Well, now I don’t, now I say I just don’t know all I know is I keep looking.

I go all in too, I was a devout Catholic, studied the mystics, went to pilgrimage sites, took Bible classes and read lots of books. Then I woke up and said fake, manmade, not good for me. I tried some Christianity, went to a few revival meetings, can’t even go there, people writhing on the floor “in the spirit”. spirit of what I am not sure.

Buddhism, yup, went to monasteries, read lots of Thich Nhat Hanh and Dali Lama, did lots of meditating. Seemed like a dead end, never went anywhere.

Hinduism, initiated into a kriya practice, lots of videos lots of books, I can get something out of this, but still not spirituality to me. Hinduism like Buddhism is very cultural and I am neither.

Nature, Druidism (to the degree you can glean what Druidism is), Brigid, Sacred wells…maybe the “final answer”. Nature is true, real and authentic and we have so much to learn from the trees and everything around us. We have spent sooo much time focused on our superiority, our consciousness, our awakeness that we completely ignore the subtle consciousness all around us and what we can learn.

Meditation with trees, plants, the Earth, water, sacred wells, rocks, stone paths, flowers, bees, birds other animals. Is that spirituality? Spirituality: of or relating to sacred matters, supernatural beings or phenomena. Yes, I think nature is sacred, and yes, I think there is a dimension beyond the physical. Yes, I think my Unee, is a force that acts to balance the Universe.

I like following the Wheel of the Year, the annual cycle of festivals. I like thinking of Imbolc on February first as new life, the start of spring, what do I want to bring in new to my life? and Samhain, the Gaelic festival starting the beginning of Winter, the Solstices, Equinoxes and everything in between. I feel connected to nature and spirit. I am Irish so I feel connected to my roots, my culture as well.

Maybe I have searched enough, maybe I have already found what I have been looking for all along. Holy Wells this way…