Do you love your spiritual path?

You should! Spirituality is a real and present component of human experience. We can dance through life as if relating on the physical plane is the only experience we are having or we can be conscious and understand that everything begins on the spiritual plane and manifests on the physical.

Unee represents a woman centered spirituality to address not only the needs of women, but the contribution women make to spirituality. Women are without a doubt more intuitive and more connected energetically – perhaps this has been recognized and this is what our “forefathers” were in fact trying to repress. They didn’t understand it, so their worldview had to be the only view.

FINALLY the time has come when intuitive based spirituality is recognized, understood and valued for the importance it has in the experience of all people. Rules, dogma, restriction, prescriptive prayer has never been and will never be a one size fits all approach despite being the literal law of the land. How we interact with the spirits of the world found in our surroundings will help us manifest and essentially project the life that we were called to live.

It will help us to live our purpose and destiny.

Earth, Air, Water, Fire, intuition, energy and how we perceive them will help us create more meaning in our lives.

Witches rising? I think so. Witches only ever were healers, helpers and wise women. Intuiting feeling and understanding the impact of our actions on the world around us will drive collective spirituality.

May it begin.

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