Healing at the Temple of Y

The symbol Y is known to turn all information received by the body into positive information.

~ Remote Healing, Nonlocal Information Medicine and the Akashic Field page 72

Exploring the ancient use of symbols in healing I came across this interesting book. Prayer or intentional thought has long been used to treat and heal since the dawn of time. The ancient ones also used symbols such as a Y or multiple horizontal lines over affected body parts to align the body with the perfected template body we were created from. Experimenting with conscious relaxation and intentional alignment with the perfected body template should impart a new vibration on the matter the body is composed of creating healing. We are all attuned to energy that creates us, flows through and around us and is affected by all other bodies we encounter. Intentionally realigning with the perfected body God intended for us should assist the body in reorganizing in the way it was intended and therefore heal us.

Using the symbol Y as a focal point should create a positive change.

Continuing to explore the effects of the Y symbol, conscious relaxation and focused intent on healing the body. More observations to come.

Photo by Alina Vilchenko on Pexels.com

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