A Passion for Druidry

Druidry gets us past my God is better than your God and is a way to align with nature and find our place in nature’s continuum. We get back to our natural rhythms and away from driving ourselves to excess busy-ness for the sake of “accomplishment”. It will help us heal our planet and ourselves. Self-improvement at our own pace is one of the hallmarks of Druidry.

The Tuatha de Danann were the original inhabitants of Ireland, an ancient tribe or “tuatha” of people very connected to nature. They understood each person’s magic came from their own individual set of unique skills. The King would ask each member what they would do to help, what was their contribution to the community. He didn’t command them, he asked them what they did best that would add to the greater good. The people then committed their skill to the community.

Most skills are associated to magical acts, these acts being related to 3 key powers: Sea (water), Sky and Earth. One person could be good at gardening or building that would be associated with Earth, another with math or reading and speaking, that would associated with Sky or Air and someone could be good with chemistry or cooking which could be associated with Water.

The combined resources strengthen the whole of the 3 powers; Sea, Sky and Earth, the legs of the triskele and feed the center or whole community.

What are your skills that would benefit the community?

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