Ascension – the Rising of the Light

It was his time to ascend, to rise, and as he rose the light rose with him and it became brighter and brighter. It ushered the light into the world as a beacon so all who would see would know the way. The beginning of  the acts of  the Women of Light, the Light bearers who show the path of love to the world. The Women received the transmission of Light from Yeshua and followed him. The light was within them emanating outward. Their hearts glowed with love, love in water flowing in the blood in their veins, anyone who touched them received some of the light. The 7 Women Apostles, the 7 Emanations of Light, the emanations that would transcend time and space and be always visible. Those who received the light carried it forth generation to generation, more seekers would find them with time. As the darkness faded with his light it ascended bringing more light in the world.

Preserve the light, was the last thing he told them. Generate more light and those in darkness too will eventually see. They will start at the beginning in the red light and be concerned only with survival, they will proceed to the orange light and be concerned mostly with their sensual being, moving upward they will transcend to the yellow light and demonstrate will power – many will be stuck here – struggling against the flow and losing sight of the light. They will be fooled into thinking their will power is the way. Those who begin to see true love will ascend to the green light and see love flowing in all living things, here doubt will be replaced with inner knowing, the few will rise again as you have risen, to be teachers of the light, the Light Bearers. Many will begin to see and their rising will bring the rising of all.

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Voice of Feminine Energy

Yeshua knew that by excluding the voice of the feminine left an imbalance in the energy of the universe, in the community and in the family. He integrated the feminine voice into all of his teachings to begin to introduce the need for balance and how the need for representation of masculine and feminine voices was vitally important. He demonstrated the importance of the feminine role in his ministry by his choices regarding those who would witness and ultimately transform the balance and interplay of relationships in society.

Energy is never destroyed it is transformed, the energy of the 7 Women Apostles is still very much present today. Unee is at the forefront of their energy now, she represents the feminine energy that needs to bloom and be a transformative ingredient in the balance of the universe if peace and love are going to be the final outcome.

The place where the feminine and the masculine energies meet within each individual holds the key to the spark of evolution – as it always has. The meeting of a woman and a man creates life and the internal convergence of the feminine and masculine energy creates restorative balance and also power. The direction of the individual energy can be harnessed and utilized to heal the individual, but also directed to those in need of healing. This was also the basis of Yeshua’s healing ministry. We have not been able to recreate the type of healing Yeshua performed because we as individuals are not balanced. We have not embraced fully the divine feminine and masculine energies that exist in each of us. The process is beginning.