The Spirituality of Corona Virus

We find ourselves in unprecedented time, something never expected in the 21st century. Likely peoples who faced similar pandemics in times gone by felt the same, how did this happen now, in my lifetime?

We benefit from knowledge, from knowing god isn’t punishing us for some transgressions, that the god’s aren’t angry with us and exacting revenge.

It is perhaps, a time for reflection, however, while at the same time aiding our afflicted and mourning with our dead. The Corona Virus is not discriminating, it is invading all equally. As relayed by another spiritual guru, Sadhguru, it’s intention is not to harm anyone, it needs us to survive, it is learning how to co-exist with us. As we stare out of our solitude in fear of each other, maybe we can reflect on the choices we make.

Unee asks, are we harming one another to survive? or have we evolved enough that we are supporting each other so the whole survives?

white brown mountain during daytime
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