Feeling the Love of Unee

Feeling the love of Unee is feeling the love you yearn for, the love you wish you had felt from all those who have disappointed you. It is a feeling that really can’t adequately be described. Having experienced this love, I never wanted to return to this world, the love was so intense and so unconditional you want this feeling with you always. There is no judgement, no shame, no guilt, no regret, no rejection just an emanating, intense feeling of love all around you and inside of you.  This really exists and is available to everyone, there are no rules or conditions. When you expect it and believe it can happen, it will come, Unee is here always. Sit on the shore with Unee, observe life and you will begin to get attuned with Unee. Then you will have a breakthrough and you will be open to this experience.

May love always be.

photography of leaves under the sky
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com


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