The Magic(k) of the White Herons

Why are the White Herons magical? Or are  they? Unee tells us there is magick and miracles around us all the time. As we have grown more technologically advanced, we have lost our connection to the spiritual. Our ancestors including Shamans,  witches (who were often simply maligned herbologists and spiritually connected individuals) and conventional religious, were more in contact or connected to the divine merely because they acknowledged the spiritual realm and established a connection.

These white herons are magickal because they have not been seen here before. We acknowledge that has have been sent and do have a message for us. Animals are often used as messengers especially when their appearance is out of the ordinary.

We see what we perceive and if you know what we are looking for we see the magickal and the divine.

May love always be.

white lantern lot
Photo by Evgeny Tchebotarev on

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