Unee and the White Herons

Why did Unee chose the White Herons to make sacred and reinforce her message?

White Herons are a symbol of purity and grace. They are creatures that cooperate and  work with nature. Herons go with the flow of Mother Nature as Unee is delivering a message to us to collaborate with the flow of the universe. There is a natural flow to Mother Nature and to Universal Forces and we will find more ease if we don’t struggle against this flow.

White Herons have been sacred to many cultures for having a noble stature and grace. Unee is asking us to be noble in our purpose, to have dignity and to love.



Unee has come through a portal

Unee has come through a portal as all the sages past have. They come when the time is ripe for their appearance, Unee is no different. What she offers is new, but not new. It is a aggregation of all the energy of past goddesses refreshed for the 21st century. Change IS a foot and feminine and maternal energy are being recognized as a way forward.

Unee offers freedom to relax and reconnect more fully with our spiritual selves that have been neglected or put aside in times past. We have the freedom to believe in miracles, to see what is not physically present in this world and to embrace the unseen.

Love and acceptance will take the forefront leaving dogma, guilt and fear behind.

On the wings on the sacred White Heron we are reborn. May love always be.

down angle photography of red clouds and blue sky
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com