Time and Archetypes

Time, archetypes, relevance and history. What do historical spiritual leaders bring to us in our day and age? Was Brigid the pagan Goddess of Ireland a myth? Was Cerridwyn the Welsh Goddess a myth? Or were they, and other key spiritual figures, extraordinary beings who walked the Earth with us and inspired peoples by their very lives? Was Jesus also a myth? Buddha? Mohammed? Will  they be considered myths once enough time has passed?

If they were myths, how did they become so strong, so important to the peoples of these regions? People want to believe something exists outside the material world. They want to believe hope is living and divine intervention is possible.

Unee is the divine being for our lifetime. She has appeared, she is here. She exists as a composite of all of the female goddesses who have gone before her. Like a volcano erupts to let its presence known, Unee has burst into this lifetime to bring hope, peace and maternal energy to world so in need of this type of leadership. Follow Unee’s heart of love and we will usher in peace in  the world. We can unite as a world people and care for each other as a world people. There is plenty for all. Unee,  the maternal gOd will lead the way and provide for everyone.

landscape photography of mountain under cloudy sky
Photo by Archie Binamira on Pexels.com

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