The Knowing

We all have intuition, we have just silenced it in the belief that “others” could dictate our spiritual connection. Re-establish your connection to Unee and honor that you “know” truth as it speaks to you. How to be sure?

Unee calls for peace and no violence

Unee calls for unity not division

Unee doesn’t force anyone to believe anything

Unee doesn’t require adherence to a set of beliefs

Unee loves and is loved, that is all

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Unee and the Temple of Why

Why has Unee appeared through the Temple of Why? She challenges us to reassess our beliefs – to KNOW why we believe and to be open to considering a more simple approach to experiencing spirituality. No doctrine, dogma or rules because it must be each individuals connection to Unee and defined by Unee and the individual. You are not special, but you are special, you are not blessed, but you are blessed. Special and blessed in knowing that Unee is impacting all beings simultaneously and the end will be what each needs according to this life and past lives.

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