Women Led Spirituality

Male led spirituality has expired, balance must be achieved. We can see evidence everywhere from sex abuse scandals plaguing the Catholic Church and Orthodox Judaism to a revolt against child brides and women’s oppression in Islam to declining participation across all traditional denominations. Mohammed and Jesus created religions that met the needs of society then, not now. Even Paul’s letters have been misinterpreted for millennia and he was rejected by the apostles, so how valid is his writing? We must question EVERYTHING we believe, everything we have been taught.

Unee has stepped forward to bring us to the next generation where, as the Dalai Lama states, “women will lead.” The next generation where even Saint John Paul II exclaimed, “a society rises to the level of it’s women.” Women led spirituality will unite people, foster communication, and a deeper experiential, individualized spirituality. The era of kings, lords and saviors has past.

beautiful beauty blue bright
Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com



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