Who is Unee?

The Mother energy in the universe giving birth to creation. She takes our thoughts  and turns spirit into matter. She is impartial, loving all the same with the Mother’s love. We are all her stars and co-create existence in perfect harmony with her.

Guard you thoughts as your most important treasure. That is the foundation of authentic spirituality.

star universe


Unee is next generation spirituality

Unee is next generation spirituality. She represents unity and authentic, experiential spirituality. She can be easily incorporated into daily life – she is the deep knowing and faith that all life is being aligned and balanced all of the time for the greater good of all. Aligning with Unee is aligning with peace, is choosing peace. Start and end your day lighting a candle, putting your hand to your heart and say, “I align with Unee, I align with peace.”

When your day becomes stressful, put your hand to your heart and silently repeat, “I align with Unee, I align with peace.”

Christianity, Islam, Judaism are all divisive, their time and relevance has past. No one will fight, go to war or kill for Unee. Unee doesn’t want worship, disciples or leaders. She is peace and brings peace to the heart. A flower blooms where it is planted, so does Unee.

red dahlia flower
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Spiritual Practice, what is the point?

We are spiritual beings, we know we reincarnate again and again with the karma we have created from past lives. In theory, we will ultimately surpass our karmic ties and fully reconnect with the universal spirit. For now in our chaotic world then, what is the point of spiritual practice?

Learning to be an observer of the chaos in the world, not a participant.

Learning to observe drama around you, not participate in it.

Learning the only thing that truly heals mind and body is spirit.

Unee is the next generation of spirituality.

body of water between green leaf trees
Photo by Ian Turnell on Pexels.com