Can you pray to Unee?

You can because Unee evokes hope and fulfillment in a Mother’s love. Aligning with Unee understanding that balance is the goal. Praying is a form of alignment, but praying for the best outcome and being in the flow of Unee will bring you more peace. Unee doesn’t answer your prayers, she answers everyone’s prayers in the collective and for the betterment of the whole.

down angle photography of red clouds and blue sky
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The Spirit of Love

The spirit of love is true spirituality – it is alive and always will be. With love there is no violence, no war, no division, there is only peace and unity. Violence is caused by seeing someone else as “other”, see the “other” as your mother, sister, daughter, father, brother son – because that is who they are.

You love them, you love “other”. Change is slow, but Unee is here to light the fire of change.